Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Mallorca (or Majorca)


This is something that I wrote a few years ago before Ace was born. I must have been Spring 2007, when I was really getting into drinking latte’.  I dug it up off my old computer and I’m sticking this in here, because it is something I think about often, and it will be referenced in later post.

My Mallorca (or Majorca)

(or Majorca) Spain   Spanish: Mallorca, IPA: [maˈʎorka])[1] is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea, one of the Balearic Islands. Wikipedia.

For a brief moment on that Saturday morning after a rainy, late spring bike ride with an old friend and a "Skinny" Latte', I had it all figured out.  Life is what you make of it.  I will make Mallorca come to me. Wherever I am, will be MY Mallorca.  Must I own a commercial espresso Machine to make this so? Possibly.  That depends on my location.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my dream life, dream home, etc. I am, however, quite a bit more realistic than I used to be back in my rock and roll days.  Since Adaline,  I would say.  Not much compares in the way of life changing events, to finding out on the day of her birth, that your most beautiful daughter has severe brain damage.  Although I have recently learned that having a beloved son pass away, could do the same.  I mean, change your life, and your relationship with the world, forever.

I would never say that it has been great having a disabled daughter, and I would never recommend it to another person.  However, it is true that my daughter has made myself and everyone who has gotten the chance to know her, a better person. For me, I guess, it is about a true compassion, that I could feel for a brief moments before Adaline, but understand it on a consistent basis now.  She has also taught me about pure beauty, innocence and love.  Adaline will never do another person wrong, cheat, steal or lie.  She smiles when you are funny and she laughs when you cry.  She also makes, more apparent, the relativity of life. What is a bad life? Who is really well off? What allows happiness? 

 “The Secret” (success and happiness are in your control),  is currently (in 2007 anyway) a very popular idea.  I personally attempted to watch “The Secret” online. I didn’t have time to read the book, of course. I was pretty much sold on the whole idea before I paid my $4.95 and then was unable to actually get the movie to play.  I think it was going to be about the power of positive thinking leading to actual positive realities, etc. See it’s working on me already and I haven’t even seen the video or read the book.  I guess I should have believed more in my computer skills.

What is My Mallorca?  I’ve been to Mallorca, Spain.  It is a beautiful island off the coast of Spain where the beautiful people, the cyclists, and Michael Douglas hang out. 

 There is a Mexican slowness to the place, with the safety of a European spa.  The food is perfection (think fried Camembert cheese with fresh raspberry sauce) and the views are breathtaking. I remember when I was there (7 years ago) reading a short article in my travel book about Michael Douglas that was titled “Michael’s Mallorca”.  That was years ago, and for some reason that stuck with me.  Wow.  How did Michael get his own Mallorca?  Well, he bought a castle previously owned by Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria, which he renovated and now calls s’Estaca.

On this specific Saturday, it was also the very place that my old friend mentioned as what would be her perfect life.  I do actually agree that the Mallorca that I visited would be perfection.  However, how could I make that life work for me?  I am not a Spanish citizen.  I really only speak very poor Tex Mex, and my husband and I do currently work for a living.  I’m not even sure what jobs would be available in Mallorca, and would they pay enough for my daughter to attend daycare, or better yet have a nanny?

Maybe I already live in My Mallorca, and I just haven’t realized it.  I love this city. I love that know where they make my favorite latte, cappuccino, breakfast taco or pancake. I love that I can get fresh Italian style foods at Central market.  I love that I run on a trail around a lake in the center of town and watch the sun come up. I love that my running coach has given me a nick name, or is willing to pick me up at the finish line of a marathon. I love that my daughter is the most popular girl at the best school for children with special needs.  I love that my husband has a passion in bike riding and racing and has done well in local races. .  I love that I can ride my bike anyplace that I like to go.  It just occurred to me that my Bicycle was made in Spain and it is an Orbea ORCA.  MY ORCA. 


Since , I wrote this, I’ve discovered that Michael Douglas lost ½ of his Mallorca in divorce.  He’s apparently allowed to be there 6 months of the year.  He is also now a throat cancer survivor, so I feel sure he’s found the other half of his Mallorca in life somewhere else.

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