Thursday, June 16, 2011

3....Done....Hat Trick

Today was another day of mental challenge, initially.  Again, full time childcare, and then break for radiation.  Again the double wait scenario.  Wait for radiation, and then wait for the doctor.  I was having real trouble being patient and may have said something out loud to the nurse about being frustrated with having to wait so much lately and needing to go to take care of my children.  The other nurse came in and decided to bump me forward and see me in the dressing room.  She looked at how my skin was breaking down and she offered me a day off, to be made up next Tuesday.  I declined.  I could not fathom dragging this out even another day. 

Then the day turned.  No, not yet, actually.  Once the sitter came, I then waited one more hour in traffic on my way up north to one of my favorite trails to meet my trail group, Tejas Trails.  I had run into the coach, Joe, on Sunday, and he had mentioned that he still had my hat, and that he and the group would be out at one of my favorite trails on Thursday.  He had been holding it (my favorite light blue Port O’Conner visor) for me in his car since my last trail race:  The Pedernales Kapt’n Carls 30K in August 2010 (10 months ago), 2 weeks before “You have Cancer”.

I wanted to go out there to see the trail again, to see the group again, to get my favorite hat, and to talk with Joe a bit more.  All accomplished and i had a great time.  Unfortunately, I believe it was the hottest day yet.  I checked the current temp just before I got out of the car, and it was 101. 

Anyway, today I received this photo of the evening from my friend (thanks Chuck!) that had been posted on FB by Joe himself.  

Tejas Trails Group
Many of these people have run one or more 50 milers, and a few have run 100 milers! Very impressive bunch!

 I’m shown near the center, holding my hat.  But, that is NOT the first thing I noticed.  I noticed what was missing, since the last time i wore this hat, and what you all will likely notice.   I also have, somewhere, (Lisa or David do you have it?) a very similar photo taken in the same spot in Nov/December 2009 when I had 2 breasts and hair, and I was in dam good shape, I might add.  Anyway, it got me thinking how this past 10 months has been kind of like a crazy hat trick.   Things there one minute, gone the next.  Fortunately, most of the time, the stuff under the hat isn’t that important, anyway.  And, if the trick goes right, the items simply re-appear.  Like Magic.

2 left 

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