Friday, June 17, 2011


Wow.  One CANNOT call me a Pessimist after today, that’s for sure.  I walked in to radiation today, asked the desk clerk how far behind we were today, and she told me we were actually running ahead of schedule.  Really?  Then the nurse called me back to get changed.  She said go ahead and change, then wait in that chair… Uh Huh…..So, I changed and decided to go ahead and bring ePhone with me this time because the last 2 days I had left her secured in the A-2 and the wait without media was ridiculous. I had not sat down for more than enough time to catch up on Ellen’s latest 5 tweets and watched 30 seconds of the hottest pre-teen breakdancing group, and they called me back.  As I was walking into the radiation chamber, it was like everything began to move in slow motion.  I then caught myself looking longingly at a large glass container full of confetti.  It took me some time to register what it was.  While confetti on the floor is a very common sight in cancer treatment areas, I’d never actually seen the confetti in the container.  For several moments, I thought that the doctor was going to come in and surprise me, and say “we’ve decided to make today your last day.  You do not have to make up that day you missed for the cancer holiday.” I waited hopefully for that.  I lied down, arms up, head turned away and I realized that I felt somewhat uncomfortable that I actually desired that confetti.  I held still for the required amount of time, then got up, wished the nurses a good weekend and walked out....with my iPhone.

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“The pessimist complains about the wind: the optimist expects it to change: the realist adjusts the sails.”

William Arthur Ward

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