Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Countdown: 5 ....done… 4 left

This week I’m back to full dose radiation. I saw the radiation Oncologist on Monday and he put me on new skin regimen.  Domeboro soak 15-20 minutes and Silvadene Cream 3-4 x per day, but not within 2 hours either side of treatment.

The black/purple patch under my arm is pretty gross and even otherworldly. The itching has gotten worse in general. The good news is that the lone bee/wasp that caught up with, only me, as i was freewheeling down a hill on my bike, and stung the he.. out of my ankle, (3rd bee sting since cancer... What are the odds?) has provided me with an alternate severely itchy area to scratch.  That, and my practice of mind over matter seems to be keeping my fingernails off of the radiation burn, for now.

Last week, as I sort of mentioned in my last post, was pretty much a waiting nightmare.  Radiation all week, and my Q3weeks herceptin chemo were all ridiculous waits.  I was also waiting for the exciting thing that I mentioned, to happen. I'm sort of funny about talking too much about cool things that might happen in case they don’t end up happening, but, at least part of it did happen, so i'll tell you. Early last week the magazine, Austin Fit  http://www.austinfitmagazine.com/archive,  that I had sent my story idea/ article (about how 3 Austin running groups had inspired me) contacted me and said they had moved the planned inspirational issue up from August to July and they would like me to be in it!  The person with whom I had been in contact with months ago, Kelsey Menzel, the editorial assistant, emailed me and asked me to call her.  I did, and we set up a photo shoot and interview (yes, with me!) for Friday at 5:00. I was pretty nervous, initially, but relaxed with time, because they were very friendly.  I even enjoyed myself. The evening was very nice and we were out on the trail.  Kelsey interviewed me, and told me that the article that I wrote would be in the magazine! That made me very happy.  I am very curious to see how it all comes out.  As I mentioned, it is the July issue, so it should be out very soon!  The one thing I regret is that I did not take photos! When it comes out, i'll do what i can to make sure you all have access to a copy!


  1. Can't wait to see this magazine!!!

  2. That's so exciting you made it into Austin Fit! Can't wait to see the article!!! -Margaret L.