Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And Me Without my Computer, Another iPhone Blog

This is not about how I love my iPhone so much that I literally sleep with it under my pillow due to the comfort that it gives me to have it nearby.  Anytime I wake, I have the option of taking notes on any interesting thoughts I may think I have, I can play my words, or I can stream and watch a netflick movie at any time. This streaming, however is getting near intolerable due to the Severe increase in stops.....pause....pause.......to the stream.....during…. the movie.  To Netflix: I did love you, and I've found no other. However, your days of having me as a cheap late night date are almost over.  Seriously, it's YOU, not me.

It’s funny to me that I actually have a theory as to why this Netflix slowdown has occurred.  This is how i came up with my theory: I recently saw at Re-Tweet (yes, I’m on Twitter now, and know what a Re-Tweet is. You can catch my one tweet at…you guessed it….BallotableTWTs) that the CEO of Netflix stated “It took us four years to get to 3.3 million subscribers. Now we did it in one quarter.”  I’m thinking they need to upgrade their servers.  Did I just say that?  I don’t even know what that means.  This radiation has gotten to my head.  

This post is about how I've written several of my blog entries, including this one, directly on my iPhone using the notes app, which has surprisingly good word processing.  Some, I've even messaged to the blog from the phone.   The Surgery post for example I wrote and posted from the phone merely hours after my surgery. I didn't take my laptop to the hospital because the hospital instructions said not to.  Don't get me wrong. I  Love my Dell Inspiron Laptop.  I love the keyboard and that nice big screen.  It's fast and easy to use. I particularly love how it supports ePhone (my iPhone’s name) beautifully.  Like, for example, the BLACK Monday that ePhone tapped me on the shoulder and told me that she was going to go ahead and go back to factory settings and let go of everything I’d ever given her.  I went into full panic mode, drove like a bat out of hell to far south Austin to a computer savvy friend’s house (Chuck) that simply and calmly ran the latest backup back to the phone. It was like a majical ballet the way they synced back up.  Syncing….12 minutes….do not disconnect…patience…syncing…do not disconnect…9 minutes…so on until the finale…OK to disconnect! Turned ePhone back on, and she was all back to normal, like a bad dream being over. When I first got the laptop I was a bit afraid that the two worlds (IBM and Mac) wouldn't be able to mix.  That they literally wouldn't sync.  I had no idea how good it could be. I believe this to be proof that in this day and age, with a little love and trust, even the most unexpected of relationships can work.

Just when things started to go fairly smoothly with the radiation, you know,…. short wait, day in, day out A-2, A-3, then holiday and all...Suddenly…. Bam!  I'm back to the WAITING.  Monday, and now today (Tuesday). At least Monday the receptionist had the guts to honestly tell me an approximate wait time.  I took that Bull (s…) by the horns and ran with it over to the GAP and bought some shorts.  Then, over to Central Market to pick up some dinner.  There was no China shop involved.  And, even with the “reported” fiasco at radiation station earlier that day (causing the delay), the radiation oncologist had still figured his numbers in time for my "boost” treatment that was planned to begin that day.  I think I've finally figured out the confusing terminology.  Bolus = when they put the rubber pad on the chest to bring the radiation closer to the skin. Boost = when they narrow the treatment area to just around the scar to give the other areas a break, and I think they up the dose in that area too with the boost.  Just a day or two after my last post in which the doc had said we will continue without the boost if we can, my skin began to look much worse, and bubble, and the tech "called it" and said she would try to get the doc to have the boost setup ready for Monday.   Hmm.  Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe he was cramming to get his numbers in in time for my appointment, and that's why they let me go to the store!  

Anyway, now Tuesday, as I sit here in the Chemo chair after 1.5 hours of waiting and still not even a poke, I'm thinking once again how glad I am that i have my little pocket helper, friend, confidant (iPhone, if you haven’t been paying attention).

Oh, there's the nurse.  I like that one.  She doesn't hate me.  I think I'm a pretty nice person, and some people like me, but I'm not real popular amongst the Chemo nurses in general.  No telling why.

Good news! White Cell counts normal!! 

Red Cell Counts continue to decline: not great news, but not surprising due to continued feelings of increased fatigue since the start of radiation.  And, actually in some ways makes me feel a bit more confident in my mental stability.  Feeling this week, sometimes I have trouble being confident that it’s not just in my head.

OK. Now off to Radiation.

What do you know, another hour and 10 minute wait here.  I must bring my computer tomorrow.  My eyes are beginning to cross.  

Last day of radiation is June 20th. Haven't heard from Ellen yet, so i think i'll let her letter slide down the list, until i do, but i did have some other fun news  that i'll tell you about LATER!

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