Friday, September 24, 2010

9/24/10... 3 days 'til first chemo

Hello All,

Just a note that first chemo starts Monday 9/27/10 8:30 a.m.  See the oncologist first then apparently 10 minutes of the A drug and 2 hours of the Cytoxin drug.  Mom will be there with me. Then, possibly off to wig store unless vomiting. They said my hair would fall out between 2-3 weeks of this first treatment.

I made my case that I should be a candidate for the Blood cell booster shot whether my counts were too low or not based on my addiction to exercise and my 2 snotty nosed kids, but the nurse just sort of laughed.  When I said “ I will not be happy if I am not able to exercise due to low counts” she simply stated “I can see that about you”.
She also said that some people just get right through this without much trouble,  then she said “ I can see that happening it this case- oh I don’t usually say that out loud”.  Well ,that made me feel good anyway.

They say that Chemo can decrease your appetite.  We’ll see.  Nothing’s ever done that to me before, except that one time Richie broke up with me. Correction: One of those times Richie broke up with me.

As far as this port is concerned, it is still sore, but I still plan to jog on day 11.  They said to wait 10 days.
Not to worry, I’ve kept up with stationary bike, spin class and stair machine.  But, they were right about the jogging. Because, as you might have suspected, I’ve tried several times the elliptical and jogging, and it just wasn’t right, so back to bike.

Anyway, I’ll be off work Monday and then see how it goes Tues. and Wednesday.  They said day 2 and 3 are often the worst.  Wish me luck-


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