Monday, September 13, 2010

PortaCath and Pre Chemo

PortaCath and Pre Chemo

PortaCath and Pre Chemo Treatment 9/13/10 ish

Hello all,
Saw Surgeon, Dr. Lamar Jones, this Tuesday am to discuss placement of PortaCath. It is basically a disc that is placed under the skin that replaces having to have an IV inserted for chemo and blood draws.  Yesterday had the thing put in.  It turns out it was a small day surgery.  More than I had expected, but still like day spa treatment compared to the Biopsy.  I was put under sedation for the procedure, got a good nap, then got pretty buzzed on Percocet afterwards and had P.Terry’s because it is hormone free beef, and therefore good for you.  Then some pain later, but tolerable, once I laid down again.  Thanks to Cindy being there it was mostly enjoyable chatting and catching up, and keeping my mind off of things. 
Today, met with the Oncologist, Dr. Sandbach, with Richie there to take notes and help me ask questions.
So what I know (take that l word with a grain of salt please) so far is:
Ductal Carcinoma.  Invasive.  He did not stage it.  It’s at least Stage II because it’s about 5 cm and in the lymph node.  Most likely stage IIIA.It’s ER+.  It will be chemo first, then Bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction.  Radiation is undecided at this point, but Oncologist and Surgeon lean away from it if all is going well with the chemo and surgery.
On Monday 9/20/11  I’m scheduled for CT scan of abdomen and MRI of brain to see if we can see anything anywhere else.  On Thursday 9/23/10 we go to Chemo instructional class for more detailed info on chemo.

9/27/10  will be the 1st  Chemo treatment:
There will be four rounds of a drug called AC in 3 week cycles to = 12 weeks.Then another 12 weeks of another drug which I cannot think of the name right now, starts with a T.
24 weeks of Chemo total, then 2 weeks recovery, then Surgery.
Then apparently 5 more years of an oral drug that the oncologist says is no problem.
If the Genetic BRCA test comes back (+) for genetic mutation, there will be more drugs for up to 10 years, maybe, and the ovaries will need to come out at some point.
I guess that’s all I can think of right now.Emily

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