Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Phase I (A-C) Round I - Here We Go

Phase I (A-C) round I
Before and After

OK.  The weekend was beautiful.  Saturday got to ride bikes and eat Breakfast with Richie, then relax.  Sunday, got to run one of my favorite Trails: HOL to Moonshadow with one of my favorite Running friends and cool off in Barton creek, then eat tacos.  Then, hung out again at the Creek at Gus Fruth with Richie and the kids.  It was absolutely perfect.  The creek was clear, sparkling, and cool.  Fun was had by all.  Then, Mom came with dinner and hung out and discussed the big day.

Monday- Yikes-
It’s all really too much to speak of, but I’ll try with the energy I have.
Prior to the actual hook up of the Chemo, I was thinking it, but I thought funny that Mom said it out loud..”Here we Go”.
Then, if you saw Pulp Fiction, you can imagine how the needle was inserted into the port.  Wow- she was the sweetest nurse, but really did rare back, aim and stab.  And my leg did jump up and almost kick her in the head, but thankfully it all worked.

The time on the line was about 3 hours. Pretty relaxing overall.  The wig store was actually MUCH worse, and pretty much kicked off the  downhill plunge for Monday night. The anti-nausea drugs worked, but quite a headache and a very fried feeling.   I was very out of it and at one point did wake up laughing about how the  Cancer card does not really work at the cancer clinic, but the Disabled Child card does.  Mom had pulled that card when trying to finagle my times for my next chemo.  Mom did instruct me to DEFINITELY NOT pull the running club card which was the real reason I needed to move my time to Tuesday.  I could see her point and stuck with the DC card.

Tuesday was a bit better, did get out to get hair cut, but did fall asleep at the salon. Was able to hang out with the kids a bit in the evening.
Wednesday,  I got up, took shower and got my clothes on for work, then laid down and really didn’t get back up until 5:00 pm.  Just so weak and tired.
Finally got up, thanks to delivery of the Velveeta from Lisa, to make a grilled cheese sandwich. (I have a long history with Velveeta and it’s unstudied healing properties).   Went outside with Ace for about 20 minutes, then tried to walk for about 20 minutes- I could barely move, barely made it back to the house, then back to bed 6:45 pm until this morning.
At work today.  Very weak but here.  Hoping tomorrow will be better.  Next Chemo Tues. 10/19/10.
Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, food, and help with the kids!


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