Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Phase I (A-C) Round 2 Wedding

Hello All!
I have finally achieved a group list for this email from my phone.  Most of you know by now that I have a new phone and phone number....Dustin the 20 yr old phone geek at the AT&T store was impressed by the luck of my random draw at this cool #.  Anyway, now that I've got this cool new phone it's best to email me here with the
powerhowell@gmail.com address.

So... Chemo round 2...
Did not go as well as I had hoped. Some parts better, but mostly worse. 

Met with the PA instead of the doctor due to my necessary change of tx day to tuesday so i could go to my running group (I mean, help my special needs child). I like her very much, generally. However, it was she who ended up informing me during the Chemo that my cancer is Her2+, which means I Now have to do Chemo for total of 1 year and 3 months.  So here is the approximate new schedule:
*4 rounds of A-C 3 week interval (same)
*12 weeks of weeks of WEEKLY taxol plus new drug herceptin- due to new HER+
*2-3 week break then surgery
*Resume Chemo herceptin on 3week intervals for 9 months.
So, the good news according to the PA  is that Her2+ responds well to herceptin.  According to her as well, the taxol and herceptin side effects are not as severe,yet tend to be cumulative. 

Moving on, day 1 was much better because we did not go to that godawful wig store and rested instead. Day 2 I felt pretty good in the morning, but was already scheduled to get the magic juice at 10:30.  Majic juice probably helped..I had a really nice evening with richie and the kids...but , the experience was far from magical.  Anti-Disney even.  During the hour wait, mom was in a political argument with an 80 year old lady over the death sentence, who later explained that she was in her second battle with the breast cancer and her mom and sister died from it. Didn't anyone tell her that you are not supposed to tell people who are fighting cancer stories about cancer that end in death. Even if it is your second time through it!!  So, once the old lady,along with my severe time based anxiety, had me crying, Mom stood up and announced that we were leaving. I was very proud of her at that moment and realized that I did get some things from her.  Suddenly they took me back.  While I don't believe that they got to me any sooner I was thankful to be rid of the old woman (no not mom- the other lady).
So, day 2 overall better, day 3 about the same, day 4 worse. 

 Day 5 ok and was able to attend and enjoy Jenn and Johns wedding which was a beautiful outdoor wedding at Lockhart state park. I even got to walk a bit on a short trail down and up a big hill.

 Thank goodness Mom and Derek stayed and took care of the kids until Richie got home from the Livestrong ride.

Day 6 tried to go jogging with Cindy R. At hill of life, but ended up walking the whole thing and then was pretty much worn out until about 5 pm. 

P.S. Thanks to everyone who donated for his cause-he raised a ton of cash.

By Monday I was ok to go to work, but still too tired to exercise.  Tuesday I was able to exercise easy and feel pretty good today.


Well, probably more than anyone wanted to know, but what the hell.  Thanks to all again for all of your support, food, hats, help with the kids, etc.


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