Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Phase I (A-C) Round 3 Glory Days!

Phase I (A-C): Round 3


Wow.  This shit really doesn't get more fun or more interesting with practice.  I still would not recommend this experience for anyone, but it's it's what I've got.  And, as I've already had my share of experinces and opportunities for in-depth soul searching and study in the meaning of life, I did not really feel that this experience was necessary and possibly even misallocated by whatever power that be.  Best described by my sweet attorney running buddy who asked "to whom do i log my complaint...to whom do i report this error." 

With all that said, at least I already know the moral of the story of Lance armstrong's book it's not about the bike before reaching page 50 while the rest of you may need to complete the whole book.  (For the record I plan to complete it too because it is a good read and I enjoy impressing myself with my actual knowledge of cycling.)

Yes, I (I realize that I am often a total smart ass and many of you will likely think I am writing this in mockery but I'm not) I am honestly privileged to see and experience first hand true compassion and endless giving and thoughtful support.  I have also had the chance to confirm suspect idiocy in some cases.

I will leave all that alone for now.  Due to the fact that I've completed only 10 weeks of what has promised to be a 16 month, shall I say it?  Journey? No. I know many people are fans of the word, but not my taste, except as an 80's band name. Ordeal? No.  Process? Like the word very much but too cold.  I'll stick with "experience" for now.

Finally, on to the nitty gritty.

Week 3 of round 2 was going very well.  Had the awesome last minute kid free trip with Rochie to Bandera and my beloved hill country state natural area.. Trail running Mecca.  That weekend i was able to run/hike (trail run) 10 miles with Richie if you believe that.  (Richie i mean) I was doing ok, then this left knee thigh thing started hurting and my leg giving out.  Very scary especially on the downhills, and ruinous to my plans to school richie on the downhillls.  I really was so happy to be out there that I even let go of that. 

It was a beautiful day.  We got back to the car. I unfolded my chair sat down and opened the beer that we were going to split.  I drank a sip and relaxed.  Then, up came the bee that stung the Hell out of my right arm.  We laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation.  We decided to get back to the hotel and shower and this bee sting thing would pass.
Well, no chance.
We unloaded the car and on my last trip to the car, up flies the bee that decided to sting the f... out of my left calf.  You can only imagine the colorful yelling I was doing out in that parking lot. 

Anyway, after 5 hours and 3 advil, the stings subsided somewhat. Enough to enjoy laying on the couch and watching 2 movies with Richie.  Simultaneously, of course ( the movies).

So now, up to day 1 round 3 A-C which I found out is the exact terminology the oncologist uses, as he proceeded to incorrectly dictate my diagnosis.  I'd love to see the look on that transcriptionists face as he/she finds his/herself typing a certain diagnosis while a second voice is in the background practically yelling..WRONG.
Needless to say that was a bit of a disappointment for me regarding my oncologist.  Mom did point out that at least he listened when I told him I thought I had cancer in my femur and he ordered X-ray of my hip, femur, and knee.  Yea....
The great news is that they did not find a tumor there.  Waiting for those results, along with the severe headache on days 4 and 5, the disappointment in the medical profession, my recently risen " muffin top", and the fact that i just put a "dew not" rag on my head, is what made this round challenging. 

The good part about this round is that I feel pretty good now,  I realized that my husband does love me, and I have had some really good laughs in the face of cancer and recent unemployment of several of my friends.  Hey, drip coffee ain't so bad.  There are "Glory Days" still ahead!

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