Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Party's Over? or Just Begun?

Boob DeBub
Hey, at least mine are New?

Thanks to Everyone who helped make the last 2 years doable, and to those who made THIS PARTY GREAT!

Funny Richie won that one!

Just as I duct taped my old journals closed after Richie and I got back together for the last time, I plan for this to be the last I acknowledge boobs past.

Only10 long-run Saturdays left until I run the NYC Marathon with Fred's Team in support of Cancer Research!

It's time to get Serious about Running!

Here are a few things I've been doing to prepare:

Camelback Mountain
(Hot Guy in upper lefthand corner.)
Inspiration Point, McDowell Mountain
Chasing my friend Diane up these mountains!
No photos of my 12 mile solo road long run, 'cause who'd want to take a photo of that? Oh yeah, my last blog had a few....Anyway, according to the Fred's Team long run schedule I'm only "running" 4 miles behind schedule.  Luckily I'm used to making some significant mileage jumps from trail running, so I'm still hopeful that I'll be fine.  My primary barriers (PT lingo) to achieving successful long runs have been my less that preferable running nutrition (see cupcake example above), my shortage of running buddies...(HEY! Either get back to running, or get LESS FAST so you can run with me...or C'mon....just run with me....You know who you are!), (Thanks to Cindy S and John, and Diane for hangin' with me!) and my recent emphasis on enjoying life as a priority. 

The school year has officially started back up and this fact opens up a whole (familiar) world of schedules and consistency which may at times seem mundane, but are comfortable for me, and are super helpful for running schedules, progression, and planning.   I think this is going to help.  This, and hopefully some cooler weather in October? 

Please send me bios/info on the folks I'll be highlighting in this blog soon, if you haven't already.  I hope to begin that in the the next few weeks.  I'm looking forward to it!

There is still time to support my run and cancer research at Memorial Sloan Ketterling Cancer Center with your donation.


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