Friday, September 28, 2012

Double Setback, Double Recovery, Double Fun?

As I sit here with my second sore throat in 3 weeks, I'm almost laughing at myself about how much I've changed in the past 2 years, just as the Oncologist said I would. Since my last post, things have been pretty "Ballotable", if  you will.  UPs and Downs to say the least, as is par for my course.  First of all,  I had the wonderful opportunity to spend 4 relaxing, food and fun filled days on the beach with my best friend from high school.  What a fun time, if not optimal for marathon training.
I did run some, so it wasn't  necessarily a setback.  Then, when I got back and was just "about to get into shape" I came down with the STREP THROAT! I had to miss my 15 mile long run and pretty much stayed in bed all weekend. I missed 4 days of running overall, and the first few runs back were pretty horrible.  The good thing was that this Strep throat bedrest happened to coincide with my utter inability to jog or walk due to having smashed my second to little toe on the left by kicking my suitcase that I had yet to unpack and put away, on the very same night that I came down with the strep.  I think the toe was potentially slightly broken but ended up opting out of the x-ray at the emergency clinic office due to confusion from the fever.  It was funny though when I was asking the nurse if someone could look at this toe thing after they completed the strep test and the nurse said..."the purple one?"   Uh, Yes. 

After the doc came back in and told me I had the strep, he also said it didn't really matter if the toe was broken or not, because all there is to do is tape it to the next one and call it a day.  As far as running.....don't run if it hurts.  I began to explain to him how that was not always applicable, but let it be in my weakened state.

So, I took the antibiotics (most of them....remind me not to do that again) and taped the toes and was back to jogging after 4 days.  Ran 5 days in a row, had some awesome T-Ball moments and now I find myself back here with a sore throat. No fever though so I'm hoping it's allergies. 

37 days until the NYC Marathon.  My plan is to run 16-17 miles this weekend.  We'll see.  Hopefully I won't be back in the bed laid up again.

While all of this sounds pretty typical for me, what's changed is how I am reacting to these setbacks.  I kinda feel like I'm just rolling with the punches.  Adjusting schedules, modifying goals, and enjoying the little things. I'm looking forward to a nice jog through New York City in the name of Cancer Research, and a vacation with my hubby.

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  1. So glad that you are doing so well, Emily! Hope the marathon training is back on track by now!