Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Long Run Or...From Hills to Vale and Back Again

OK..... I'm in it....For It.

If I can endure 1 year, or 7.5 miles of the flattest of the flat, the straightest of the straight, I can do (runwalk) anything!

Reminds me of my first Mastectomy.


Remember....I was used to this:

Trail Hills

Me before mastectomy

This week I made it over a "couple of humps".  Sunday, I ran that FLAT terrain while on vacation the day after a "full" day at the beach (with my breast friends).  Then, on Tuesday,  I made it over the 10 mile long run milestone.  It was an interesting phenomenon.  On Monday I was having some shin/leg pains and I was saying to my Ultra Trail Running Training  Partner, Jack: "Jack,  I'm just not sure if I'm "cut out" for this running business."  He replied with, of course, a quote from Ultrarunner extraordinaire, Scott Jurek, "Not all pain is significant". Hmm.  (Damn you psychologists!) (Hey, there's a cant in significant, weird).

Well, on Tuesday my friends and I "set" out for a 9-10 mile long run and I'll admit I felt pretty horrible for most of the run.  (Hey, It's hot here, and I'm fat... wah).  I considered the Jurek quote several times during the run. We ended up completing the 10, extremely slow,  miles.  I felt happy to be done.  Where the phenomenon came in was later in the day when my leg pains had resolved, and I felt better than I have since before my breast reconstruction surgery.  It gave me an extra "boost" when my co-workers asked me how far I had run that morning and I "beamed" as I said 10 miles!  I realize I still have a long way to go with my training, but at least I've "built" a bit of a base, and I'm ready to PUSH it UP from here.  Any and all training TIPS are welcomed!

As you can see, I'm spending "equal parts" of my time preparing for the NYC marathon, and my Boob Debub Celebration.   (Trust me, I'm not "padding" the stats here.)

I hope many of  you will be able to participate!

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