Friday, May 11, 2012


The past 2 weeks have proven quite a test for my patience.  I've not been blogging about it for 2 reasons.
Firstly, in order for this literal "watching the grass grow" (wound healing) period to pass somewhat unnoticed by me, and secondly, because I've been "cheating" on my blog with that "Twitter" croud.  It's a fantasy world out there, I tell you, and that suits me just fine for now.  I think, for me, facing this open wound on my abdomen 3 times a day is a bit much for my psychee and I've sought out an alter reality. (I suppose I had to do something when I decided to go off the Vicodin cold turkey a few weeks ago.)  I don't mean to be a wuss, but, despite having done wound care as a PT tech and a clinician, and not minding wounds on other people, it just freaks me out to have a wound on my own body, not to mention that it is a reminder that I still have a ways to go before this phase is over. This is going to require more patience.    The open wound that I'm referring to is primarily in the center area of the abdominal incision.  Basically what happened is that the Plastic Surgeon folded me over, cut my abdominal roll off, and glued me back together.  Problem was, there wasn't that much to take, so they had to glue me back super tight!  Needless to say, the center area sort of made it's way back open due to trying to stand up, and/or lie flat.  Everyone at the plastic surgeon's office has assured me that this happening is "very common amongst the 'thinner' patients." Well, If you know me, you know that I'll take a skinny compliment any way I can get it, and that that was probably the ONLY thing that they could have said to me to make this at all acceptable, but, it still did  not negate my anxiety and my desire for this thing to be closed and done with.  On the good news side of things, the wound is "healthy and will heal in time".

 I am scheduled to return the first week of June for the revision to the left breast.  The "Lift and Tuck", or "Alignment", if you will.  This procedure supposedly requires a 4 day recovery time, but I really do not believe that.  I think that is all relative.  Yes, I guess I'd believe 4 days to get back to sitting on the couch and watching Oprah, but what about dependent lifting a spastic 8 year old, a 275 pound stroke patient, or running the Hill of Life? Somehow I doubt it.  This procedure might also include "fat injections" to round out some of the areas.  Apparentely, they can take a syringe and suck out some fat from somewhere on my body and inject it into my breasts. When I heard this, I immediately asked myself why don't all flatter chested people not have this done instead of implants, but I forgot to ask the doctor.  I promise I will ask next time and let you all know!  The only problem is where to get the fat.  Yes, it does have to be from me, sorry.  I was initially liking the idea of taking it off the back of my arms, but then realized that this would  just leave loose skin flapping there.  Possibly less attractive than flabby skin flapping.  So, my next preferred area will be what I call my "tube", or "back fat" (back fat being a bit of a misnomer because it is really more on the sides).  Hopefully they can use that without making more divots in the area :).

On to more exciting news!

I'm officially signed up for the 2012 ING NYCMarathon to run with Fred's Team, a charity which supports cancer research at Memorial Sloan Ketterling.

I've already raised $1,300,00 toward my goal of $3,500.00 for Cancer Research!
Thank you everyone who has donated!
If you are considering helping support this goal and Cancer Research, please click here to donate:
It's EASY!

Thank YOU!

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