Sunday, October 23, 2011

It Happened!

On Thursday, October 13.  Merely, one day after I wrote the Dreaming in Touchscreen Blog.  I posted that blog almost 2 weeks after I wrote it due to LIVING :) so much and being so excited about what i'm about to tell you.

Two things actually happened that day.
Firstly, in the evening after work, I ran 2 x 10 minute intervals  on a beautiful section of trail that I'd not seen before, and I actually felt good. Not like TFS, not just O.K.  Good. (Breathe) What a relief.

Secondly, later that night, I had a running dream.  Not the kind where you are running away from something and you can't run fast enough.  Not the struggling to move forward kind.  The kind where I'm running free and I feel good.
My first running friend,
Cindy, who now won't run
on the road unless it is to get
to the trail.
My latest convert...Jack
I woke up on the morning of October 14 thinking exactly this...It Happened!

That week I ran 29 trail miles plus 8 road.  The following week I ran 28 trail miles and 10 on the road with no trouble with my long run now up to 14 miles on the trail.  

One week after my dream, I found myself actually living my dream as I was flying down those rocky, technical, hills in the dark with my old running/training friend of 18 months ago, David J.

David, who is a self-proclaimed transformed person (in part due to trail running) and, physically, a  changed man visible to all, has, in the past 18 months completed the Rocky Raccoon 50 mile trail race, a Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim run of 48 miles, several other 30K races in the Texas summer heat, and is scheduled to run the Cactus Rose 50 miler on October 30th! Go David!
(You too, JoAnna, and Jeanette, and Kuss for your 50 milers and to Lyndsay and Tonya and Justin for your 100 milers! )
I felt honored and excited to be running, and almost keeping up, with him again (even though he was taking it easy due to his taper). :) Thanks, David.

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  1. Emily, it was awesome running through the woods in the dark with you again! The pleasure was all mine. You are running faster girl! So, obviously you're enjoying yourself. :-)