Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh God, Not a Harp! or....$12 Salad

Today is Herceptin chemo day.  That in itself is enough to make me grumpy, and perhaps why I do feel extra grumpy today.  But now, even more so since I’m having trouble blogging due to this obnoxious harp music in my head.  How could a harp make someone irritable or angry?  Is it wrong for me to speak for (I’d think at least some) cancer patients, that just because we are bald and or in chemo, doesn’t mean we will all enjoy being held captive and forced to listen to a harp?  I’m going to venture out to even say it could even make some people sad, or feel creepy, or, as in my case, more irritable.

 I’m bummed that I am feeling grumpy today, because despite not feeling well for the better part of two weeks after my last Herceptin, I was beginning to feel pretty decent the past week, and have been really feeling happy for the most part or the past 3 weeks.  Just happy in general.  Happy  to be alive, getting back to training, and even to work.    I think maybe I’m experiencing a small emotional dip due to feeling very happy for a pretty long time and then having to come back here to this place(GAP GawdAwfulPlace). My hair is getting a bit whacky, and now this harp music.   Is that ...We wish you a Merry Christmas?..
  It’s a cycle I guess.

On the good news end of things: I’ve lost 2.5 lbs of my “Breast Cancer Weight”.  ( I can’t remember now if I told that story, but at one point near the end of my 24 weeks of Hard chemo, I was speaking to the Radiation Oncologist’s Nurse, complaining about a 3 lb weight gain, and she said…..”that’s nothing”, “All Breast Cancer Patients get fat.”  If I did tell the story, then I must have mentioned how thank Goodness they did say that to me right after... “You have Cancer”. ) No, I’m not counting the 1.5 lbs of actual breast and/or tumor lost.  I was starting with the weight after surgery. J.  In the past, 2 weeks, I’ve been able to ride my bike for 3.5 hours twice, including a slightly modified version of the (50 mile) DaM loop that Richie and I have done for years and is sort of a benchmark for me ( Modified to 46 miles).  I haven’t been able to do that since at least November of 2010.   I ran over 6.5 miles in one run (7 miles) for the first time since the week before my surgery in March.  I'm able to do up to 20 push-ups again (still difficult and uneven but doing) and I’ve been eating a salad, much like this one 
That is actually a piece of Kale on the bottom left for those unfamiliar.
almost every day at lunch, and I’m still into it.  My secret is that I’ve been going to Whole Foods (mostly), or Central market (secondarily) and allowing myself to get WHATEVER I WANT off of the salad bar.  It’s mostly a secret though, because my husband, who I won’t name, would probably die if he knew this. ($$)  I figure my secret is safe here though.  I've also had the time to "Juice" a few more times.  Outside of the Juice actually being O.K. and making me feel pretty healthy, i've gotton a lot of kicks out of it.  First of all the word "Juicing" is hilarious. Secondly, it is simply amazing the things that you can get juice out of.  The best moment, though, was when i was in the actual process of juicing some Kale, and some guy came to our door trying to raise money for the cause to improve the American diet.  A cause, i am normally very interested in supporting, however at that very moment my first thought was....Aren't i doing enough?....I'm Juicing (and about to drink the juice of) Kale for Godsake's. :)

The other obvious great thing is that,while i'm NOT a fan of the summer schedule, or of this severe heat, i have gotton to spend some real fun times with my kids.  I really do have cute kids.



  1. I love that you have hidden camera-esque footage of the harp. It is even more annoying than I could have imagined. Lucky for her everyone is tethered to their chemo so she and/or her harp didn't meet with an unhappy end.
    P.S. I am also a fan of your children :)

  2. :) only you would notice and appreciate this! Thanks!