Wednesday, November 2, 2011


While my mind is currently "iClouded" with random information,  I will make this attempt at a direct blog, for once.  We'll see how that goes.

This week has been a great one, really.  I've spent most of my week literally,  "in character" in my mind.  That character being my recently bedazzled alter ego, "POW" Howell. 

"POW" Howell is a female boxing superhero, of sorts.  When created, she was intially,  "Fightin' Cancer, Bitch!"  She quickly realized that that fight was going very well and so decided to take on "Laziness",  as well.

"Are you Lazy?  I'm gonna POW you!"  She would say.

This character was apparently being found lazy at some point.

This one was found doing NO wrong and ultimately knocked "POW" plum out with her super beauty.

The parts of the week that I spent in my usual character also went very well.

 I'm feeling better each week.  Running is getting easier.  Hmm. I wonder why?

I'm up to 16.5 mile long run on the trail,  and last week was my highest weekly mileage, since cancer, at 41 miles.  Mostly trail.  

I went to the GAP today, and it barely phased me.  I stayed in my own world (iPhone).   They didn't even test my blood levels, so i couldn't even perseverate on that.  I basically ate my salad and left.  Two more Herceptin Treatments.  I'll be done before Christmas.

The only thing that kind of left me a bit unsettled this week was the lack of feedback on the Sharkboy blog.  I'm probably digging a hole here, but I want to leave readers with 2 possible morals to that story:

Never make light of another person's tragedy. (The obvious one).
Disability and Despair can be FUNNY.  Particularly, if they are your own. (Apparently). 


  1. OH NO! Pow fights laziness?! Any second now she is gonna bust in here and KICK MY ASS!!

  2. Wow...POW! I'm completely a fan! I'm amazed at your spunkyness...