Saturday, August 28, 2010

History of Ballotable Records

History of Ballotable Records:

Pronunciation: bal-ot′ă-bĕl   (short o, like lot)

But, I like to say: ba lo ta bel (long o, like lo)

Ballotable is a word that I've been attracted to since I learned it back in 1993 when I was in PT school.  It is primarily a medical term, meaning: adj. exhibiting the ability to rise and fall in a floating manner.  Capable of exhibiting the phenomenon of ballottement. To be palpated and bounce back.   A knee cap and fetus in utero can be ballotable in medical discussion, for example.  I like the ideas of floating and bouncing, down and up, and particularly of bouncing back.   I originally used “Ballotable Records” with The Knievels’ first CD, “!Que Sabor!”, which was actually produced by Sweatbox Records in coordination with The Knievels themselves. The Knievel powers that be (Richie and John) let me use my little Ballotable Records label design and put it on the back side of the record cover to represent our part of the production.  Even prior to “Que Sabor!” I had wanted to own my own .com called and just never knew how to make that happen. I never knew why I wanted that, I just did. ( I do own that .com now, but ended up using the blogspot site/address because it seemed much easier to design the site.) Anyway, when I decided to start blogging, I, of course, immediately thought of Ballotable Records.  I’m sure it’s a bit confusing with the “Records” part, because it is not a musical recording, but I thought it was still applicable, and possibly even more so, as a record of my current life during treatment for Breast Cancer.   You will find that the first several entries are simply status emails to family and friends but then the blog begins to take on a life of it's own soon after.

Ballotable Records
Of Cancer and Trail Dreams

Now a Breast Cancer Blog

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