Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Power down. Power uP!

I've had a sort of stressful past couple of days.  Work, kids, preparing for a trip, and wondering if I'll get to follow through with this marathon that I have asked for, and received, over $3,500 for cancer research,  promised dedications to fund donors, trained through the Texas summer heat, put off other vacations in order to afford, and scheduled child care.  I realize mine is likely a low stress relative to many of the people experiencing the side effects of the Hurricane Sandy. I've been following the internet as able with my busy schedule to see what I could find about about NYC and the fate of the city and the 2012 NYC Marathon!  Through Twitter, my primary source of social information and news, I've just been informed directly from Katie Couric that Mayor Bloomberg has announced that the Marathon will go on!  I am very excited about this.  I understand that many people will be concerned that the help of volunteers and city employees could better be utilized elsewhere, but I think that the city having a big goal like keeping the marathon running could help many people along the way as the improvements are being made.

I am excited that at this point it is looking more like I will be able to run the marathon and complete this project that I had set forth to do in May. I will be able to honor my promises to donors and to myself.  As my friend Linda E. mentioned, it is a good thing I have experience with triathlon, and trail running because I may have to swim to the start and hurdle obstacles on the route. Other than possibly being a bit cold, that shall be no problem! Also, I've got experience with running marathons in less than perfect situations. See photo above from Boston Marathon 2007, the year of the great Nor'Easter.  I am excited to get to run this marathon because,  I'm thinking of it as that giant post cancer re-set button in sky.  To quote my friend Cindy R., and to use iPhone lingo, I'm in need of a Hard Power Down. It is ironic in a way that much of the city of New York has been experiencing a hard power down of their own, but will work toward powering back up for the Marathon! This is just one more reason to Love NYC and to love running! Thank you to everyone who will make this power UP possible!

Power Howell

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