Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Beginnings

The last time my toenail looked like this (photo above,with new toenail growth) was just after I had run the Boston marathon in April, 2007. The Blacktoe part (which causes the loss of the nail) had happened two months earlier, in February, after running the Austin Marathon.

The toenail discoloration on both photos is from the Taxol. 
Also note the splotchyness of the skin.
These photowas were taken 2 months after
the last Taxol Treatment!

The blacktoe last time (from the marathon running), looked pretty similiar to the black toe shown here on the left (even though initially more bloody).  In 2007 I kept the toenail hanging on literally by a "hang-nail" in order to have protection for the toe during the next marathon i had planned for 2 months later....THE Boston Marathon. 
Due to my familiarity with this situation, i did the same thing this time around.  Once i knew the nail was no longer actually alive/attached, i just kept it hanging on with skin.   The new nail finally pushed the dead one off, just last week (first photo). It was a bit traumatic for me, due to  it's disgusting nature, until i realized what it represented for me. 
Last time around (2007) the loss of my toenail was due to a very exciting cause.  Running my Boston Qualifying Marathon And the Boston itself! The time during re-growth, after these runs, was also a time of excitement and wonderful new becoming pregnant with my baby boy Ace. My nail grew in and my sweet baby boy was born. A new life.
This time around, my nails and feet were damaged from the toxins of chemotherapy.  Not as glorious a cause as running a Boston Qualifying Marathon, however, a cause far outweighing the loss of a toenail!  As this nail grows, I will be on the path to regaining my own life, health, and fitness. 

Monday morning I begin my new job (with my old company).  I am excited.  It’s a feeling almost like returning to school after summer break.  This week will mark the official beginning of my training for a 50 mile trail race that i have chosen to run on Saturday, March 3rd. Nueces 50 miler.  I have chosen this race due to the fact that it is a 3 loop course.   I figured that if anything happened to me medically, this would be safer than being stuck at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  This new focus and new schedule is now an exciting new beginning for me. 

This morning, during my morning jog, I saw these 2 huge birds just sitting on this tree with their wings outstretched.
 Absolutely still. Not moving at all.
Just sitting there, wings spread, prepared to fly :).


  1. Yay for new toenails! Can't wait to cheer you on at Nueces. :-)

  2. Can't wait to train and run this race with you!!!

  3. Thanks for the pics of your toenails. Mine never did fall off, although I had a few fingernails come close.

    The birds are an incredible omen. I had one, too, remember, in the owl that moved into my yard for May and June. Go fly!

  4. While I love what you've done here with the "toenail as metaphor" and everything, I still say EEEWWWW!!! :)