Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Phase II (T-H) Round 7 and 8 Yoga?

Phase II: Round 7 and 8
Well, I did it.  I’ve signed up for Yoga.  A mere 3 yoga sessions ago I might have considered this somewhat of a failure, despite the fact that I have always believed yoga to be a good idea for other people.   My first session, just prior to the panic attack that did ensue after the 3rd or 4th Gong (which I believed must signify the letting out of class) I have to admit that I did actually achieve a more relaxed feeling (while being still, and outside of sleeping) than I can remember experiencing in years.  It took me a few weeks, a few mind games, and that one drop of water from my friend Cindy S. to get me back to that second class.  The mind games included convincing me that I can count this yoga once a week as my 5th day of exercise -even though I do not really consider it exercise.  A “Bonus” if you will.  Now, after the third session, which was a more advanced class, I’ve regained my ability to do a headstand, which is pretty exciting for me.  You, and my good friend Chuck, may be thinking that that is just silly, unnecessary, and bordering on dangerous at this time in my life.  I would actually agree, again, for other people.  But, if you know me and my genetic makeup, you might be aware there are a few things that I am simply compelled to do.   These are: to be suspended in air, like with jumping very high and flying, and to be upside down.   As a kid I spent hours laying upside down on the stairwell, and as a teenager, upside down in a handstand often during basketball practice, and in the locker room before games.  I remember many times the coach getting on to me for that, because it just seemed odd to him, and I’m sure others.   I believe that the desire to fly is one reason I love trail running.  Running down those hills is very much like flying.  
As you can probably tell from my rambling about Yoga, this week was a better week for me.   I got that “5th”day of exercise, I was able to run almost 8 miles this morning, (which is the most I’ve done for a few months) and the chemo side effects have seemed a bit less this week.  I’ve almost organized my medical bills from 2010 and I’ve almost mastered the ability to format a blog page BallotableRecords.blogspot.com.  Still a work in progress. 

 One of my trail running buddies completed his first 50 miler this past weekend, which I love hearing. Thanks David J. for your help with the blog, and for completing that 50 miler! Our good friends Chad and Eve (and Jason) completed their EP and CD release while also raising a 15 month old-impressive.  A new friend of Derek’s (my Stepfather), found out his brain tumor was benign, soon after Derek himself found out that he did NOT have prostate Cancer, even though it does run in his family.  And, we were able to have a Super bowl Party with friends, to celebrate the end of that season, John and Jenn’s Superversiary, and the perfection that is a football shaped cake ball with yellow cake and chocolate icing, dipped in chocolate and placed on a stick.  J
 I’ve learned a bit more about breast re-construction plastic surgery and I’m getting closer to choosing a surgeon.  After today, I have only 4 rounds of this Taxol-Herceptin left.  Then, I get a 2-3 week break, to get blood counts back up, and then surgery.  The great news is that there is a new procedure that actually takes…. get this……FAT from the abdomen…YES, MY ABDOMEN, and uses that to mold a breast mound! GENIOUS! So Richie, WE just MIGHT be looking at Ds again!!
Also, the day that I’m sure many of you, and even myself, were somewhat expecting, did come today.  That being the day that I would pull the cancer card/comment inappropriately. Fortunately, it was not too painful or too difficult to recover.  Here’s how it went.  The nice young nurse technician, after weighing me, began talking about weight.  She mentioned that if she could just get all of the stuff off the front, she would be doing alright.   I, as you might suspect, said; “well, you could just get breast cancer and then that would take care of that”.  She went on to tell me that her likelihood of getting breast cancer was very good because her grandmother died from it, and her mother who is in her 40s is currently on hospice.  I did immediately let her know that I was sorry to hear that, and recommended that she get checked often and routinely. She stated that she was BRCA (-)…The genetic test for Breast cancer.   But, then again, so was her mother.  I again let her know that I was sorry to hear that and hoped the best for her.  She said that she did not really know her mother well, so it was not too difficult for her to deal with, and on the positive side of things, she has gained the ability to feel free to live her life to the fullest every day due to her family history. I said, “As we all should”, and I put my card away.

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